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The being later known as the White Tiger began her existence in a rainforest in Asia,[1] in a brood with at least one sister. She and her brood-sister[5][2] were captured by supergenetist High Evolutionary, initially for his scientific projects. The Evolutionary had already used his technology to evolve animals of different species to semi-humanoid beings, called the New Men,[1][2] that he trained as a military order, the Knights of Wundagore, to instill an ethical culture in them[8] and to protect his citadel in Mount Wundagore, Transia.[9] The Evolutionary performed genetic modifications on the white tiger, turning her into a humanoid warrior with feline features and faculties,[6][1][2] and mutated her specifically so that she could track and hunt a renegade New Man,[3][1][2][8] the evolved wolf[10][1][2] Man-Beast.[1][2][3][7][8] To achieve this mission, the Evolutionary gave the Tiger protections so she would be immune to the Man-Beast's powers,[1][2][11][3] along with a compulsion for her quest.[1][2][12][11][3]

Although White Tiger was counted amongst the Knight of Wundagore,[3] she did not wear the Knights' traditional armor[9] instead favoring a tight-fitting white martial arts garment and a long braid.[4] Such was the difference between the White Tiger and the other Knights of Wundagore, that she had never met many of the Knights. She knew only a few of them, including warrior Sir Ram and midwife Bova Ayrshire.[7] She did know and respect the Evolutionary, who sent her on her solo mission.[6]

The would-be world conqueror calling himself Master of the World somehow knew of the Tiger's quest and sent his minions, the U-Foes, to contact her with an overture:[8] The Master knew the Man-Beast's whereabouts and venue, and would trade this information in exchange for a specific item that the Tiger could obtain. The Tiger mistrusted this Master character, so she got the object but then booby-trapped it[1][2][8] with a bomb that would detonate after she had given it to the Master and left.[8] Unaware of the trap, the Master revealed that the Man-Beast was imprisoned at the Vault, a prison for superhuman criminals. The Tiger left before the Master noticed his new toy was worthless,[1][2][8] but she was close enough to see the explosion and she took the Master for dead.[8]

The Master, alive and angry at the Tiger, sabotaged her quest by sending the U-Foes to the Vault, where they staged a mass breakout – that way, the Man-Beast would surely escape.[8][1][2] The Tiger had only reached a nearby ledge and witnessed the escape,[4] never thinking that the Master would be behind it. The Man-Beast indeed was among the runaway felons, and the Tiger proved to be unable to track him on her own.[8] She then decided to go to New York City[4] looking for allies.[1][2]

Joining Heroes for Hire

White Tiger triumphant - although barely controllable.

Initially seeking mercenary hero Luke Cage, the Tiger instead found Cage's on-off partner Iron Fist, and decided to track the later,[1][2][4] unnoticed until she was satisfactorily impressed.[4] Both Iron Fist and White Tiger had heard about the U-Foes having kidnapped several scientist in the United Nations Headquarters,[4][1][2] both Tiger and Fist wanting to stop the situation, and the Tiger offered her help in the mission. Fist accepted the partnership,[4] and they also collaborated with Hercules and Hulk[4][1][2] -the latter initially mind-controlled by the U-Foes- in the fight.[4]

Tiger fought U-Foe leader Vector with a burst of fists, feet and elbows, trying to prevent him from giving orders to his allies and disorienting him so that Vector's ranged attacks instead harmed his ally Vapor. The fight revealed that the U-Foes were using the Controller's Slave Disc technology,[4] so the Tiger concluded that, after the Master's death, the Controller was then hiring the U-Foes.[8] When the U-Foes started losing the advantage, Vector tried to send Vapor after the Fist and the Tiger, but the Hulk had been released from the U-Foes' control. The U-Foes retreated, claiming to have obtained vital information. The Tiger then helped by unplugging the Slave Disc from the hostages.[4]

Iron Fist the recruited Hercules[4] and the Tiger for his group, the newly formed Heroes for Hire,[4][1][2] a subsidiary of Oracle Incorporated with Jim Hammond -the original Human Torch- as its CEO; the "hiring" being a donation to Oracle's charitable causes. At that point, several superteams were believed dead, and Fist found there was a scarcity of superheroes he needed to fill. The Tiger agreed to join provisionally, a decision Hercules attributed to his personal attractive to the fairer sex.[4] The Tiger failed to mention her origin as an evolved cat or her relationship to the High Evolutionary, disregarding the importance of such details,[6] leading Iron Fist to believe that she had some relationship to K'un-Lun, the mystical city where he had trained.[4]

She would eventually spend months with the Heroes for Hire,[3] making a conscious effort to control her feline ferocity and trying to understand and cope with her ever-growing human emotions.[1][2]

Missions with the Heroes for Hire

Huge, mutated White Tiger.


In an early mission, the Heroes for Hire were summoned by the Atlantic Coast Rail Yards board of directors, to prevent supercriminal Nitro from destroying their facilities. Hercules, disregarding plans, defeated Nitro by causing him to explode and dissipate, but he also allowed the offender to escape. The Tiger, understanding Nitro's abilities, was unhappy with Hercules' performance.[13]

Nitro reappeared soon afterward, attacking the New York Stock Exchange at Wall Street because a third party had hired him to do so. Tiger, in Oracle Inc. offices, summoned Hercules, who was being reprimanded by his old friend scientist Dane Whitman. The Heroes attacked Nitro, with the Tiger showing skill and savagery: She revealed her presence by kicking Nitro, refused to talk and jumped, slashing Nitro's chest twice; she then allowed Hercules to attack in a teamwork effort.[13] Still, Nitro recovered initiative; he was only defeated by the timely arrival of a new member of Heroes for Hire, the Black Knight -secretly Whitman- who had recently agreed to work with them. The Knight's mystical amulet, which allowed him to swap between his superhero armor and his street clothes, surprised the Tiger and got her attention.[14]

Days after that, the Tiger spar with Fist, who wanted to check whether his injuries had been cured; Hammond insisted on this because he wanted to know more about the Tiger. During the fight, Fist noticed that the Tiger was not at her best, because she was afraid of losing control. At Fist's insistence, the Tiger accidentally turned into her four-legged form; Fist talked her back to her human form, but she was still ashamed at her slip.[14] Iron Fist, mistakenly believing that the Tiger was a woman who could turn into a tiger, was impressed at her power and not at all narrow-minded.[15]

Elements of Doom

The evil artificial constructs Elements of Doom then attacked New York City from a Central Park base. The Heroes for Hire,[16] including their new member[14] Luke Cage, confronted then, meeting several other superheroes in the process, including Daredevil, the New Warriors, Swordsman and Magdalene from alternate earths, and Spider-Man, who had read about White Tiger and already respected her. As Spider-Man was familiar with the properties of some radioactive elements, the White Tiger, bowing to his knowledge, obeyed his instructions. The Elements were defeated, and their base destroyed, by another super-team, the Thunderbolts.[16]

Unnamed supervillain team

A loose league of lawbreakers (Killer Shrike, Orka, Shockwave and Whiplash) tried to hijack a retired aircraft carrier-turned-museum in New York City; but the Heroes for Hire opposed them. Tiger fought Whiplash, surprising the later with her metamorphic power. Whiplash was prejudiced against the Tiger, but still she was too aghast to stop her. The Tiger, thou, considered herself too human to coldbloodedly murder Whiplash.[17]

U-Foes and Controller

The Heroes for Hire were next sent to LaGuardia Airport, where the Controller and the U-Foes were trying to get local bigwigs under control. The Tiger suspected they were going into a trap, and suggested a stealthy approach. Still, the battle was unavoidable, and the U-Foes chose their opponents to maximize their advantage, with intangible Vapor fighting the Tiger. Only when the Heroes changed adversaries, they recovered control: Acrobatically, the Tiger escaped from Vapor to fight Vector, then moved away from Vector and the Controller to release Iron Fist from a Slaver Disc. The U-Foes and the Controller failed to escape – instead, their secret employer, the Master, left them in a coma in the airport itself.[17]

Deviant Anti-Mind

The Heroes were next approached in their HQ by Sersi of the Eternals, a former soulmate of Black Knight,[17] just when the Tiger, training against some practice droids, turned again into a tiger, then revealed to Fist that the tiger was her natural state. Sersi explained that the natural enemies of the Eternals, the Deviants, apparently led by Deviant priest Ghaur in an animated statue-state. As a part of Ghaur's plan to create a Deviant Uni-Mind, the Anti-Mind, to be used as a weapon, Sersi had been captured with several other Eternals, because Ghaur needed the Eternals to help him in his plan - but Sersi escaped to look for help. The Heroes were hired by Sersi and went to Lemuria, the underwater Deviant civilization, in an Atlantean submarine provided by Oracle Inc.[15]

White Tiger mutates to confront a Deviant enemy.

The Deviants were obviously waiting for Sersi' reinforcements and presented battle with superior number.[15] The White Tiger overcame the enemies by becoming more feral, more furry - and more foolish. While she found a worthy opponent in Deviant Ransak the Reject, she was finally defeated when he electrocuted her with a scepter. The Heroes were mostly defeated and imprisoned: The Tiger was kept in a fishbowl-like cage, with no air intake; her warden, Deviant Karkas, refused to give her any more air because she was prone to escape. She and Cage were soon rescued, thou, by a neglected Hero, Ant-Man. They joined Iron Fist and run to fight Ghaur again - but by then, Ghaur had already created his Anti-Mind. The Anti-Mind was defeated mostly thanks to Black Knight and several escaped Eternals, including Azura and her children Deborah and Donald Ritter, combined as Dark Angel.[18]

Admitting defeat, Ghaur retreated. The Eternals' Deviant allies, including Kro (who fathered the Ritters with Thena), insisted that Thena and the children should distance from Lemuria, going to a safe haven where they could not be used as a weapon or as a hostage by Ghaur or other villains. The White Tiger immediately suggested Wundagore, where the High Evolutionary would be happy to help them train in their use of their powers. While doing so, the Tiger revealed her origin as a Knight of Wundagore. Iron Fist wanted her to go into more detail; but instead, Tiger left for Transia with Thena and her children, while the other Heroes returned to Oracle Inc.[6]

Visit to Wundagore

The Tiger was unaware of a number of events that had happened on Wundagore while she was away. The High Evolutionary, having himself evolved with his own technology in a more erratic way, had developed Isotope E, a substance that could channel mutagenic properties in a beam he could control, so that he could stabilize his own state.[7] The Evolutionary was also behaving erratically, due to changes in his mind again because of his uncontrollable mutations, and the Isotope, while helpful with this, was being less effective to solve this every time.[3] Mount Wundagore had been then attacked by Exodus, a mutant fanatic, and by Exodus' minions the Acolytes. Exodus had deemed the New Men an aberration to be destroyed, and the Evolutionary a heretic to Exodus' ideas of mutant superiority; Exodus also coveted the Isotope.[19][20] After a battle, the Evolutionary and the New Men had been forced to leave the remains their own fortress for a new sanctuary,[19][1][2] a castle by the Hudson River called Haven owned by the Evolutionary,[21] and the Acolytes entrenched themselves at Wundagore.[19]

A huge White Tiger fights human-sized Acolytes.

The Tiger was caught completely flat-footed at such unexpected event in her hitherto harmless home. The Acolytes revealed themselves, but it was Exodus who defeated the Tiger and her guests. Exodus recognized the Tiger as one of the Evolutionary's creations, and he expected to obtain information about her master's secrets,[19] extracting it with his telepathic powers. The Acolytes tied their prisoners with high-technology restrictions; but Thena released herself and attacked Exodus. The Tiger followed Thena's path, turned into a giant tiger-like creature and attacked the Acolytes. Exodus then claimed to have already obtained any needed information from the Tiger's mind, and allowed the prisoners to leave. Thena claimed Exodus was bluffing, but the Tiger and she agreed to leave to protect Thena's children. Exodus also suggested that simply climbing down the mountain could kill them.[22] It was not that hard: The Tiger contacted Hammond, who sent a vehicle to Wundagore to pick up her and her guests and bring them to Oracle's facilities. Tiger felt grateful for his help.[23]

Master of the World

At their arrival, Hammond immediately reported that the Heroes for Hire had been captured by the Master of the World, and that he wanted to send a second team, including Thena and the White Tiger, to rescue them. Hammond failed to mention that he had betrayed the Heroes for the Master[23] (being an android, Hammond could not avoid this control), providing the Master with DNA samples of all the Heroes, from Oracle's medlab, so that the Master could create clones of them -but with the Master's memories and loyalties-, including a White Tiger doppelganger called She-Cat, to fight the Heroes.[8] The White Tiger was personally worried about Iron Fist[23] as she had developed romantic feelings toward him,[24] but the Fist had not been on the failed mission and was available for the rescue time, also including Ant-Man, Black Knight, Hercules, She-Hulk, Thena and the White Tiger, personally led by Hammond and traveling on an Atlantean flying submarine to the Master's flying citadel. The White Tiger insisted on sitting next to Fist, and she revealed her previous dealings with the Master during the trip.[8]

As soon as they saw the citadel, the Masters' EMP cannons shot, hitting and damaging the ship. Tiger jumped with Ant-Man and Iron Fist; and the Fist lead her jumping so that they would use the citadel's tall buildings to fall without any harm. The Heroes landed in the citadel, unharmed; then the Master gave them a chance to surrender. As they refused, the Master released the clones, Strike Force One, and Hammond revealed his true colors. Each Hero matched their counterpart – both Tigers roaring in the process. Eventually, Luke Cage was also revealed as the Master's undercover agent, but he turned sides, damaged the citadel's controls and the infrastructure was sent to space, with the Master and the clones onboard, going to an apparent death. The Heroes escaped in their vehicle, but both Cage and Hammond were critically wounded at that point. During the trip back, Iron Fist ostensibly sacrificed his power and life to save Cage's life. The damaged ship was then forfeit,[8] with the Heroes leaving in two-person escape pods (Tiger going with Thena).[24]

Save the Fist, lose the heart

White Tiger unmasked.

In the re-entry, Cage revealed that Fist had probably died, much to the Tiger's despair. Thena confirmed that the Fist was barely alive, and she quickly took him to Oracle along with the Black Knight. With the Heroes gathering in Oracle's HQ, they were told by doctors that the Fist was not stable and could die. The Tiger was furious at Cage, who had both betrayed the team and been the cause for the Fist's problems. Turning into a feral form, she threatened to kill Cage should the Fist died; the Black Knight and Hercules held the Tiger and tried to explain her that Cage was a double agent. She left distraught, still angry.[24] But there was a problem. White Tiger, her whole life, had been nothing but a tiger. Now she was essentially human – but still not quite. Although she had a humanoid body, her mind was still that of an animal. She found herself becoming attracted to, and eventually falling in love with, Iron Fist, and she was unfamiliar with how to deal with these emotions in the human world.[24][25][1][2]

The Heroes contacted mystical doctor Brother Voodoo to treat Fist on a mystical transfusion ceremony – because the underlying cause for the Fist's state was the Fist giving his mystical power, linked to his vitality, to Cage. Voodoo wanted some of the Fist's closest friends to give a portion of their own life-forces to restore Fist's. Voodoo quickly[24] found Fist's girlfriend Misty Knight and his friends Luke Cage and Colleen Wing. Voodoo would want a fourth person, and the Tiger volunteered,[24][1][2] standing between Wing and Knight – and throwing daggers to the former. The procedure work but, discovering that the Fist had already a soulmate, the Tiger felt desolated.[24]

Aghast and using her ethological knowledge of tiger behavior, the White Tiger reasoned that she would become the Fist's new mate as soon as his current mate died. Tiger visited Knight's home and confronted her with the intent to win Danny by killing Misty in a duel to the death.[25][1][2] The Tiger was unwilling to talk with Knight, and she used her superior agility to disarm her. The Tiger was surprised when Knight hit her with an apparently normal arm – which was really a cybernetic prosthesis. Slammed against a filing cabinet, the Tiger roar and turned to a tiger-like state – but then Knight reached her with her words, convincing her that, should the Fist love the Tiger, then Knight would retire - but she wouldn't obtain mating via dominance with humans.[25] Knight forced the Tiger to confront the fact that she would not win Fist's affection this way. Confused, the Tiger retreated.[25][1][2]

Iron Fist recovered enough to leave the nursery and keep up with his everyday life,[26][27] meaning that the White Tiger buried the hatchet as far as Cage was involved.[24] The three of them watched TV at Oracle; the Tiger's friends were worried about a number of new costumed heroes that were appearing in New York City, including the Hornet (secretly Spider-Man in a new identity), because that would reduce the need to hire the Heroes for Hire. The Tiger was nonetheless untroubled about that.[26][27]

The Siege of Wundagore

The High Evolutionary, mentally more unstable by the moment, summoned the White Tiger to join the Knights at Haven for an upcoming battle against the Acolytes. Bova told the Evolutionary of Tiger's career with the Heroes for Hire,[21] and the Evolutionary angered because he perceived the Tiger was not following his commands[7] - he was also angry at Quicksilver, charged with the leadership of his Knights, but never focusing on it.[21] The Tiger was quick to attend, being received and briefed by Bova. The other Knights received her coldly, but her explanations of her special solo mission convinced them. The High Evolutionary was harder to convince, as he had expected the Tiger to focus solely on chasing the Man-Beast; she claimed to have joined the Heroes for Hire to get allies to recover Wundagore. While respecting her creator, the Tiger put him in his place by pointing that the Evolutionary had been defeated at Wundagore. The Evolutionary begrudgingly ordered the Tiger to bring the Heroes for Hire – both of the unaware that Man-Beast had infiltrated among the Knights, disguised as Lord Anon - but the Man-Beast discovered about the Tiger's mission and about the Isotope, and planned accordingly.[7]

The Tiger recruited the Heroes to support the Evolutionary – Hammond, while unhappy for management reasons, gave the Heroes one day. Before leaving, Iron Fist, having talked with Knight about the Tiger's emotions, told the Tiger that he did not love her. The Tiger took in the information but refused to listen details, instead choosing to concentrate on her mission for her creator.[7]

When the Heroes (Ant-Man, Black Knight, Luke Cage and Iron Fist) reached Haven, they were greet by the Knights, including a disguised Man-Beast taunting her. Identifying her prey[10] by smell,[12] the White Tiger metamorphosed to jump on Man-Beast, although it was Man-Beast who attacked first. The Man-Beast severely injured her, but the Heroes for Hire stopped him from giving the coup de grâce. The other Knights, still believing Man-Beast was one of their number, confronted the Heroes for Hire to defend Man-Beast. This brief scuffle was interrupted by the High Evolutionary, who ended the battle by devolving the four heroes into apes, taking his Knights and leaving; the Evolutionary mistakenly judged the Tiger to be a traitor.[7] "Lord Anon" explained that he was an evolved wolf, and that the Tiger attacked him because she took him for the Man-Beast, supposedly a different wolf.[10]

Quicksilver, still worried about the Evolutionary and the Knights of Wundagore, went back to Haven to find the monkey-like heroes and the injured Tiger. His priority was stabilizing the Tiger, although he did not know her, so he took her to Oracle Inc,'s HQ. There, Hammond and Doctor Jane Foster treated Tiger, forcing her to rest even if she still wanted to chase the traitor. Hammond instead sent She-Hulk and Thena to help the other Heroes.[10]

Just when the Evolutionary and the Knights traveled to Wundagore, incited by Man-Beast, Exodus' sensors found the Isotope E at Haven and he went there with the Acolytes. The Acolytes found no Isotope or Wundagorians at Haven, instead facing the simian Heroes for Hire. Quicksilver, faster than She-Hulk and Thena, returned to Haven in time to help the Heroes, giving them enough time to revert to their human state, at least temporarily. While Iron Fist was worried about the Tiger, Cage felt little sympathy for the Evolutionary, and revealed the Acolytes about the Evolutionary's current whereabouts. She-Hulk and Thena probably arrived later, their help no longer needed.[10] Back at Oracle, Iron Fist used his chi to help healing the Tiger, although she still suffered convulsions in the process. Quickly, thou, she recovered, explained that Man-Beast was impersonating Lord Anon and supported Hammond's strategy to travel to Wundagore as a way to help the Evolutionary and the Knights of Wundagore against the Acolytes. Quicksilver and the Tiger agreed that the Knights, reaching Wundagore before the Acolytes, would surely go to the armory first, so the Heroes for Hire decided to go there.[12]

In the armory, the Heroes for Hire discovered that the Man-Beast had revealed his true colors, allied with Exodus and obtained the Isotope. Both villains have also coerced the Knights of Wundagore to help them, falsely claiming that they had already captured the Evolutionary (really Bova had slipped away with the severely injured Evolutionary to the underground caves in the mountain). The Heroes for Hire, some of them suddenly mutating to their ape states, were confronted by the numerically superior combination of Acolytes and Knights of Wundagore, with the White Tiger knocking down Lord Tyger, an evolved male tiger from the Knights. Man-Beast finally used the Isotope to floor all of his enemies.[12]

While the heroes were tied up with high technology that kept them unconscious, Quicksilver managed to escape. He then explained the Knights that the Man-Beast probably did not have the Evolutionary, stole the Isotope and released the Heroes for Hire. At that point, thou, the White Tiger was sick of strategies: She went solo to track the Man-Beast, aiming to kill him. Quicksilver supported her: She was a match for the Man-Beast as long as the Man-Beast did not have the Isotope – and he didn't, because Quicksilver had stolen it.[11]

White Tiger finally fights the Man-Beast.

The Man-Beast in turn was tracking the Evolutionary to the caves. When he found him, four Knights of Wundagore (Sir Ram, Lord Gator, Lord Tyger and Lady Ursula had already joined Bova protecting their master, and they fought the Man-Beast – still, the Man-Beast was too powerful and he killed Ursula with his mental powers. At that point, the Tiger catched him up. After an attempt at mind control, Man-Beast understood that White Tiger was immune to his powers, so they would have to fight the old way. This time, White Tiger drew first blood. Bova prompted the other Knights to not help the Tiger, as she had the advantage as long the Man-Beast could control no-one else, and instead devote their time to help the Evolutionary.[11]

At that point, however, the Evolutionary recovered his powers and strength, and walked away to reclaim his home. Quicksilver had defeated the Acolytes and Exodus using the Isotope, but the Evolutionary attacked Quicksilver due to his old resentment toward him.[11] Suddenly bestowed with godlike powers, the Evolutionary became the main threat, confronted by Quicksilver, the Heroes for Hire and even Exodus, while Bova and the late-arrival scientist of Wundagore, Sir Delphis, worked together to save their mentor with science.[3]

Man-Beast injured the White Tiger and mistakenly believed he had defeated her. Man-Beast left the caves to try and get the Isotope, not knowing that the Tiger was tracking him unnoticed. Man-Beast offered Exodus and Thena to form a Uni-Mind as a weapon to attack the Evolutionary, and they reluctantly agreed, suddenly linked to each other, concentrating in their attack – and helpless. The White Tiger found the Man-Beast in that state and tried to attack him, but Iron Fist stopped her: He was afraid that injuring Man-Beast at that moment would also hurt Thena. The White Tiger asked him to move, as she did not want to fight her beloved Iron Fist, nor would she stop her own instincts. As Iron Fist did not buckle, the Tiger fought him. This gave the Uni-Mind time to launch their attack and dissolve; the Man-Beast then moved away and tried to use his mind powers to knock down all of his enemies - but the White Tiger was unaffected, and she was eager to attack him.[3]

White Tiger fought the Man-Beast, slashing him several times until he could no longer fight, while the Black Knight defeated his old frenemy Exodus. Delphis used the Isotope, relinquished by Quicksilver, to heal the Evolutionary – the Evolutionary would never become godlike again, nor would he devolve to a simian state or go crazy because of that.[3]

Tiger's End

Defeated, Man-Beast taunted at Tiger's humanity, asking whether she was a lethal tiger or a merciful human. The Evolutionary stepped in, stabilized the erratic evolution of Cage, Iron Fist, Black Knight, and Ant-Man,[3] then turned the Isotope on Man-Beast, changing him back into a normal wolf[3][1][2] with no memory of his past. He then offered White Tiger full humanity, apologizing for not rewarding her sooner. But White Tiger did not accept, and instead asked to be returned to her animal state. She knew that her love would be forever unrequited, and that she could not handle human emotions or what these were doing to her.[3] She begged High Evolutionary for release, and he agreed, returning her to her original normal tiger form[3][1][2] and promising to return her to the rainforest he had originally taken her from. Saddened, Heroes For Hire left, and moved on with their lives, remembering their lost friend.[3]

The White Tiger's brood-sister, known as Snow Queen, remained with the Knights of Wundagore.[2] She also felt respect for the memory of White Tiger.[5]


Power Grid[33]
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White Tiger's powers came from the genetic modifications made on her by the High Evolutionary. Having been rendered a normal tiger again, she no longer possesses any of these powers.[3]

  • Claws: White Tiger, in her human form, had five[13] retractile claws coming her fingertips.[13][1][2] These were powerful enough to slash through different metals in hard state.[1][2]
  • Man-Beast Immunity: Having been created specifically to fight the supervillain Man-Beast, White Tiger was naturally immune to Man-Beast's superpowers,[1][2][11][3] including psychic barriers and emotion-inducing pheromones.[11][3] Man-Beast's physical defenses, such as his strength and claws, were of course useful in a combat against White Tiger, because she did not nullify his powers.[11]

White Tiger turns into... well, a white tiger.

  • Metamorphosis: White Tiger's natural state was a giant white Bengal tiger. She possessed the ability to transform from this shape into that of a female human[15] and also into a transitional state of humanoid were-tiger,[1][2] huge in size and muscles,[22][7] and with feline features,[1][2] along with other intermediate furry shapes.[17] She could change shape on purpose, particularly between the tiger, human and halfway shapes,[1][2] but, when acutely angered or agitated, she lost control and changed to her natural state, with her human intelligence inaccessible.[1][2][15] As she was a disciplined martial artist, she found that losing her temper in such a way was shameful, inappropriate for a person like her and also dangerous for her close allies - as the tiger may attack them.[15]
  • Superhuman agility: White Tiger had superhuman agility,[1][2] being fast and accurate enough to anticipate and respond to the movements of an expert martial artist like Iron Fist.[14]
  • Superhuman senses: White Tiger's five senses were improved to superhuman levels, particularly her smell.[1][2] She could use her senses to track over a prey over great distances,[1][2] even a person she had not met (as proved when she first tracked Power Man, then Iron Fist).[4] She had been genetically modified explicitly to track the villain Man-Beast,[3][8] an evolved wolf, and was able to identify his smell[10] -and other preys'- even when those were in disguise.[23] Still, at one point, Man-Beast convinced other New Men that the White Tiger had been misled by another wolf-based New Man's smell.[10]
White Tiger's superhuman senses also allowed him to follow a prey making no noise at all,[1][2][4] in any kind of terrain, until the Tiger herself decided to make her presence known – for instance, walking through the ceilings, grabbing pipelines just with her feet.[4]


White Tiger was a trained martial artist.

White Tiger was an experienced martial artist, naturally gifted.[4][1][2] She is a swift acrobatic fighter,[4] particularly in her less-human forms,[8] and a match for martial arts masters such as Daniel Rand.[14] She is familiar with the theories and protocols of martial arts.[4]



The Tiger has been seen using binoculars.[4]


  • Commonly the White Tiger had green eyes, with a vertical slit as a pupil; but sometimes they changed color to blue[8] or to full white.[4]
  • White Tiger's accent sounded somewhat East Indian but she spoke English occasionally halting at times and often partially out of order or with slightly incorrect or unique syntax.[4]
  • White Tiger did not considered herself human.[14]
  • White Tiger's blood was confirmed to be red in color.[10]
  • Brother Voodoo declared that there was "a strong animal vitality" on the Tiger.[24]
  • Spider-Man had read about White Tiger before meeting her.[16] The Beast from the X-Men (no relation to the Man-Beast) talked about the White Tiger as if he had known her,[5] but there is no recounting of such an encounter.
  • White Tiger has a profile both in Marvel Legacy: The 1990s Handbook (2007-04-01) and in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z #13 (2010-04-01), both illustrated with the same images by Mary Mitchell (full body) and Pasqual Ferry (credited as Pascual Ferry; face in an inset). The text and content similar, with only slight variations (e.g. "Tiger agreed to join" vs. "Tiger joined"). Handbook is a bit more complete than Legacy, as it mentions Snow Queen (She had not been introduced when Legacy was published), the rainforest under "Place of birth", the Tiger's power grid and the exact amount of the Tiger's strength when describing her powers.
  • She has no connection whatsoever to any of the Martial Arts heroes named White Tiger, including Hector Ayala,[28] Angela Del Toro[29] or Ava Ayala[30], nor is she connected to the urban vigilante Kevin "Kasper" Cole, alias White Tiger, an acolyte of the Panther Cult and a protégé of the Black Panther.[31]
  • Avengers: Forever #11 and #12 both show an alternate-reality version of White Tiger from an undetermined reality. This Tiger is a villain and a member of the Avengers, who are also villains in her reality.

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