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White Tiger

Appearing in "A Hero's Compulsion (Part I)"

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Synopsis for "A Hero's Compulsion (Part I)"

Angela Del Toro receives the Jade Tiger Amulets into her possession – a gift from her uncle, the former White Tiger, Hector Ayala. Disguising herself in a black jumpsuit, Angela takes to the streets fighting crime. She disrupts the illegal sale of passports and green cards with an unwelcome assist from Daredevil. She isn't sure who the masked hero truly is, but she knows that it is not Matt Murdock.

The following day, Angela meets an old F.B.I. contact named Coville. Coville gives her information linking the passport sale trade to an organization called Chaeyi. He also tells her that one of the major players is a new villain using the name King Cobra.

Later still, Angela meets up with Natasha Romanova – the Black Widow. Widow takes her to Potter's Costume shop and helps outfit her in a new costume befitting the name White Tiger.

White Tiger hits the streets and begins tracing the Chaeyi money trail. Her investigation leads to a parking garage where she gets into a fight with the new Cobra. Also at the scene is Sono Orii – the man responsible for killing Angela's partner in the F.B.I. After a fast and brutal fight, Angela abandons her feud with King Cobra and takes off after Sono. She jumps onto the roof of his car, but the driver manages to shake her off, sending her limp form flying into a newsstand.



  • One of the items featured in this issue is a Veronica's Secret handbag. This is an homage to the real-world lingerie retailer, Victoria's Secret.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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