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Appearing in "A Hero's Compulsion" (Part II of VI) - Claws

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Synopsis for "A Hero's Compulsion" (Part II of VI) - Claws

White Tiger recovers from her near-brush with death. Unable to strike out directly at Sano, she instead decides to take her aggression out on one of his goons – Eddie V. Halen (an obvious alias). After publicly humiliating the thug, Daredevil and she retire to a nearby rooftop. Angela begins to suspect who Daredevil really is, and drops several hints as to his secret identity.

The following day, Angela arrives for an employment interview at a security firm. After withstanding a heavy Q & A session, she lands the job and is placed in charge of safeguarding two rich heiresses, Amy and Nora.

That night, Angela (and two more bodyguards) accompanies Amy and Nora to a nightclub called the Genosha Club. There she finds Sano, and prompts a conflict with him. The fight ends in a drawl, and Angela escorts Amy and Nora out of the club.

Later, she dons her White Tiger costume and meets up with Daredevil and Spider-Man. She asks Daredevil's assistance in bringing Sano to justice and breaking the Chaeyi ring. Sano and his goons show up, and the heroes get into a fight. Before she can put a stop to him once and for all, several police SWAT cars pull up. The officers begin brandishing hi-tech weaponry.


  • First appearances of Amy Sheridan (a socialite); Jamie Guererro (administrator for 212 Security); Mikey (Amy and Nora's bodyguard); Nora Jackson (a socialite); Randy (Amy and Nora's bodyguard); Veronique Guererro (a former model turned security specialist).
  • Amy, Jamie and Nora's surnames are not revealed until issue #3.
  • Final appearance of Edward "Eddie" V. Halen; dies in this issue.


  • One of the gang members featured in this issue is named Edward V. Halen. An obvious alias, the name is an homage to guitarist Eddie Van Halen, founder of the rock 'n roll band, Van Halen.

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