Quote1 So, White Tiger -- are you one of Hector's cousins or nieces? Because you have his NON-sense of humor. Quote2
-- Spider-Man

Appearing in "A Hero's Compulsion" (Part III of VI) - Families

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Synopsis for "A Hero's Compulsion" (Part III of VI) - Families

A squad of police cars surrounds the White Tiger, Daredevil and Spider-Man. Bearing hi-tech firearms, they open fire on the heroes, who only barely manage to avoid getting hit. Spider-Man web-slings White Tiger and Daredevil to a nearby rooftop out of harm's way. White Tiger is the first to notice that the men firing upon them were not legitimate police officers. The heroes depart, each one deciding to investigate the issue from a different direction.

White Tiger changes into her civilian attire and attempts to visit Matt Murdock who is still incarcerated at Ryker's Island Penitentiary. Matt however, refuses to see her. Failing to find any satisfaction with Murdock, Angela turns to the Black Widow for assistance.

Elsewhere, Sano Orii consults with Chaeyi operative Mister Pyne. Mister Pyne is also an agent of the State Department, and he has been working as a fence to channel blank green cards and passports into the country. Sano however, needs more black-market visas to satisfy the needs of his father, Kenzo Orri – the Oyabun (leader) of the Orii Yakuza.

Later, Angela goes to work at 212 Security. She meets Rayburn Frasier, an I.T. hacker, and her boss's daughter, Perigrine Guererro. Administrator Veronique gives Angela a dress and invites her to a business function.

After dinner, Angela hits the streets once again as the White Tiger. She is amazed at how little sleep she requires now that she has been wearing the Jade Tiger Amulets. In the middle of stopping a crime, the White Tiger runs into King Cobra. The two fight one another, and Cobra nearly breaks her spine. He projects a glob of acid spittle, which burns Angela's shoulder. The White Tiger returns home to nurse her wounds.

The following day, Angela attends a family function where she speaks with her brother Rey. Rey is a member of the New York City police department and has been researching Sano Orii’s activities in his spare time.

That afternoon, Angela goes out again as the White Tiger, and busts up an arms deal taking place in broad daylight. Several people snap photographs of her, and within a day her picture is plastered across the gossip column of the Daily Bugle.


  • First appearances of Kenzo Orii (Oyabun of the Orii Yakuza); Jessup Pyne (a Chaeyi member); Peri Guererro (Jamie Guererro's daughter); Rayburn Frasier (a 212 Security specialist); Rey Del Toro (Angela's brother).
  • Reference is made to Emma Frost again in this issue. In issue #2, several street punks mistook the White Tiger for Emma Frost. History repeats itself in this issue.
  • Amy, Jamie and Nora's surnames are revealed in this issue.
  • Angela makes plans for shadowing Edward V. Halen, not realizing that Sano killed him in issue #2.

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