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Appearing in ""A Hero's Compulsion" (Part VI of VI) - Payback"

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Synopsis for ""A Hero's Compulsion" (Part VI of VI) - Payback"

The Lizard tackles White Tiger and they both tumble into the Hudson River. Angela harnesses the strength of her amulets and pokes the Lizard in the eye, forcing him to swim away. She then grabs her notebook computer and climbs out of the river. She goes to the police station and gives a statement to Detective Craig.

Elsewhere, Kenzo Orii addresses his son Sano and tells him that he is displeased that local law enforcement are now meddling into their affairs. He is also upset that Sano has been unable to sanction the White Tiger.

Angela returns to 212 Security and consults with Jamie Guererro. Guererro tells her that if she insists on pursuing the Chaeyi case, then she will have the full support of 212. Angela leaves and dons her costume. She arranges a rooftop meeting of several other heroes including Black Widow, Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Spider-Man. She tells them about a big meeting between Chaeyi agents, and the Yakuza scheduled to take place that evening. The group is eager to help, and Angela points out that they will need photographic evidence of the illegal sale of passports and green cards. Spider-Man is ready for action with his trusty camera.

That evening, they arrive at the building where the meet is taking place. After Spidey snaps a few incriminating photographs, the heroes burst in through the windows and begin fighting both Chaeyi members and Yakuza assassins. White Tiger briefly renews her ongoing fight against Cobra, but Cobra manages to escape. In the confusion, Sano Orii pulls a gun on Angela, but accidentally shoots his father instead, killing him. Having broken a serious Yakuza law, Sano is left with no alternative but to take his own life. Although many of the thugs escape, the relationship between the Yakuza and Chaeyi is broken.

Some time later, Karlson – leader of Chaeyi consults with some of his agents, including Cobra. He vows to get revenge against the White Tiger. To bring such a plan to fruition, Karlson enlists the services of Omega Red. The White Tiger has not heard the last of Chaeyi.



  • Angela refers to the two harbor patrol officers as "Crockett and Tubbs". Crockett and Tubbs were the main characters from the 1980's cop drama Miami Vice.
  • Spider-Man refers to the group of heroes in this issue as the Fellowship of the Ring. This is an obvious reference to the primary characters featured in the J.R.R. Tolkien trilogy The Lord of the Rings.

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