The White Vampire was a costumed agent of the Nazis who was active during World War II. She trained her army of vampire bats to attack anyone douse with a specific perfume. With this skill, she sent handkerchiefs loaded with the scent to individuals in order to blackmail them into giving her large sums of money. Those who failed to comply would have a vampire bat sent to their home, and the creature would kill them by striking at the throat.

The murders attracted the attention of the Human Torch and Toro. They were visiting the secretary of a South American ambassador who was sent one of the blackmail notes. Sending Toro to pose as the secretary to deliver the money, the White Vampire saw through the ruse and fled while dousing Toro with her perfume.

Recognizing the scene, the Torch and Toro rushed back to the secretary's apartment to find him killed by a vampire bat. They followed the bat back to the White Vampire's lair where she tricked the Torch into falling down a trap door and unleashed her bats on Toro. Toro tricked the bats into flying into some live wires and then rushed to the Human Torch's aid. The wires set off explosives in the White Vampire's hideout. Toro pulled the Torch out of the White Vampire's hideout just moments before the hideout exploded, apparently killing the White Vampire in the process.[1]


The White Vampire had a number of vampire bats which she trained to attack anything doused with a specific perfume of her own creation.

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