Whitemarsh Island is a population center located near the city of Savannah in eastern Georgia in the southern United States.

The Thunderbolts investigated Whitemarsh for a danger to the Earth described in Nick Fury's Man on the Wall files. There they discovered a warehouse full of what they thought were Terrigen cocoons.[1] This threat was additionally perceived by Avril Kincaid while Wendell Vaughn was training her to be the new Quasar.[2]

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While investigating the cocoons' content, Fixer's Tech-Pac inadvertently induced them to being to hatch, and creatures began to emerge, initially overwhelming the Thunderbolts. Atlas hurled two of the mutated hatchlings through the roof of the facility into a nearby neighborhood where two young boys were playing basketball, forcing he and Mach-X to retrieve them, before the Winter Soldier ultimately ordered the warehouse and everything in it to be burned, much to the horror of the newly arriving Royal Inhuman Diplomatic Mission.[3]

Crystal too believed the cocoons to be of Inhuman origin and could not be reasoned with. She ordered the Inhumans to attack the Thunderbolts and quickly gaining the upper hand, until Fixer hacked into Hub and wrested control of the R.I.V. from Captain Swain, turning the ship's weapons upon the Inhumans. After forcing them to surrender, Bucky explained that the cocoons weren't Inhumans, and that his team had prevented an alien invasion, then directed the Thunderbolts to retreat.[4]

Arriving on the scene, the Savannah Police Department called in S.H.I.E.L.D., whose officers and agents were investigating the ruins of the warehouse when Blur suddenly incapacitated them. Nighthawk had heard a television interview of the young boys who had seen the creatures during the battle, and based upon their description believed they may have seen Badoon or Chitauri, which in turn might have had some connection to The Myriad. Analyzing intercepted S.H.I.E.L.D. communications, Nighthawk worried that the extremely powerful and volatile superweapon possessed by the Thunderbolts could pose a serious threat to the planet, and thus asked Doctor Spectrum to use her Power Prism to discern where they went when they left Whitemarsh Island. Picking up on the emission traces left by the Thunder-Jet, the Squadron Supreme began to pursue, radioing ahead to Hyperion, asking that he and Thundra meet them at the Thunderbolts Clubhouse.[5]

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