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Nothing is known of the past of the being called Whiteout. It may be assumed that she has resided in the Savage Land for some time, and it was there that she was recruited by the mutant Zaladane to join her forces of Savage Land Mutates.[1]

In her only known mission for Zaladane, Whiteout and other Savage Land Mutates attacked the mutant group known as the X-Men in Chile while they were looking for their compatriot, Polaris. The X-Men defeated the Savage Land Mutates in this battle, and Whiteout presumably fled. [2]

Whiteout later turned up as a member of Superia's all-female supervillain army the Femizons.[3]



Psionic Flash: Whiteout possesses the superhuman ability to project a flash of blinding white light from her body. This light renders her opponents blind for approximately one minute. For some unknown reason, her power only affects victims she chooses, and not everyone within range. She is also able to blind individuals who cannot be blinded by brightness (such as Psylocke, who once had bionic eyes that could instantly adjust to any intensity of light). This may occur because the power is psionic in nature, but this is only speculation. The maximum range and intensity of her power is as yet unknown.

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