Whitney Frost (Earth-12041) (Mask on) Marvel's Avengers Assemble Season 4 8

Whitney Frost with Mask on

Whitney Frost was a scientist working for Hydra who experimented on Vampires to create a serum that would grant to Hydra soldiers all of their abilities, thus creating an army of Super Soldiers. That is until the Avengers arrived at the base she was working at and apprehended her. Despite deleting all her files, all of the data was still in Dr.Frost's head. This made her a target by Dracula who sent his army to prevent her from further taking advantage of his race. Hawkeye was assigned to take her to the Beach House base to keep her safe.

Hydra associates Crimson Widow and Crossbones were able to find their location to retrieve Dr.Frost from Hawkeye, their fight was put on hold when Dracula himself arrive to chastise Frost and kill the rest inside the house, forcing both parties to temporary team up to push back the Vampires. Getting desperate, Crimson Widow and Crossbones now considered Whitney a liability, leaving her and Hawkeye to deal with Dracula themselves.




Seemingly those of the Whitney Frost of Earth-616.


  • Golden Mask

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