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Whitney is the only daughter of Obadiah Stane. While she is rich, confident and popular in class, she struggles for her father's love and attention. Stealing the Mask from Howard Stark's vault, she acts as the shape shifting Madam Masque, attempting various activities both to save Tony and spy on her father, whose illegal activities she finally uncovers. She is often rash and whimsical in her actions, justifying the means with the end. She buys off the Ghost to prevent him from assassinating Tony. It later turns out that the Mask's untested technology is gradually killing her from the inside - and has possibly added to her rash behavior - but after Tony cures her, she seems to have no memory of the time since she first donned the mask.

Whitney Stane

The two briefly date, but Whitney breaks up with him as he misses several dates, having gone on missions as Iron Man instead.

When her father was fired because of proof presented by Stark he tried to kill him but stopped when she asked him to. However, the Iron Monger was hacked and almost killed her, but she was saved by Iron Man. Obadiah was left in a comatose sate that he may not awake from and a furious and heartbroken Whitney blames Tony/Iron Man and vows to make him pay for taking her father away from her. However, she seems to be fighting the mask's vindictive power over her; as she is more merciful and lenient towards Tony, as her real self still cares about him very much and worries about his safety and wellbeing, and does not want him severely hurt or even killed.



Expertise hand-to-hand combatant
Superhuman durability, reflexes, and agility
Mastery in firearms and guns



  • Holographic Disguise Mask: As Madame Masque, she uses the Mask's cloaking technology for invisibility as well as impersonating several other characters. The Mask has the ability to copy some of the physical abilities of the target, though it has to scan it first.


As Madam Masque, she uses a quite powerful; yet compact energy gun that unfolds when charging. She later uses another type of energy gun that is much stronger and more effectively destructive.


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