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Widdle Wade was cloned from Deadpool's DNA by the Yakuza mob to assassinate the Oyakata.

Powers and Abilities

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Widdle Wade possessed the same abilities as his progenitor, Deadpool, including a superhuman healing factor that allowed him to regenerate cells much faster than a normal human being. The healing factor granted Widdle Wade immunity to most poisons, drugs and diseases, and even extremely slowed his aging process. His strength, stamina and reflexes were also enhanced during the cloning process, reflecting the physical attributes of someone twice his height.


Widdle Wade was fluent in Japanes and was a skilled assassin, having mastered numerous fighting styles, bladed weapons and firearms

Physical Strength

Enhanced human


Widdle Wade has a non-scarred face, as speculated by Deadpool when he took off Widdle Wade's mask.

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