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Widow was a male Horse who was bitten by a Radioactive Spider alongside his owner, the Web-Slinger.[1]

Widow (Earth-31913) from Spider-Verse Vol 3 4 002

Together they were recruited by Miles Morales to join the Web-Warriors and to oppose the Inheritors on Earth-001.[2] They later joined the Superior Spider-Man army when the Inheritors returned to threaten all Spiders.[3] During Shathra's reign both Web-Slinger and Widow were absorbed intio Shathra's Hive but were eventually released when Silk slashed Morlun with the Totem Dagger. Along with everyone else they were thrown into Earth-616, where the Spiders dealt a combined defeat to Shathra.[4]

Web-Slinger and Widow later joined joined Miguel O'Hara's Spider Society based on Earth-928.[5] When Miguel ordered the entire Spider Society to chase Miles Morales from another reality, Miles shot him with web without waiting and briefly took Widow away from him.[5]



  • Rider-Sense: Widow has a telepathic connection with his owner, the Web-Slinger.[1]

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