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Wilbur "Gears" Garvin was a mechanic and ally of the robot superhero Machine Man.[1] During the robot revolution, Gears took it upon himself to help fix robots in need due to his skills as a mechanic, despite his reluctance to be political. He was reluctantly assisted by Peter Spalding.

At the same time when Baintronics robots attacked Gears' hideout, members of the A.I. Army happened to do the same, under the incorrect belief that Gears was reprogramming A.I.s against their will. The attackers were fended off by Gears' allies, the Midnight Wreckers. The A.I. Army soldiers turned their full attention to the Bain-Robots after noticing that Gears and the robots he was helping cooperating to evacuate. Once the Bain-Robots were disabled, Ralphie convinced the A.I. Army that their attack was misguided.

Since their base had been exposed,[2] Gears and his allies moved to a barn in Upstate New York that belonged to his mother's family. After learning that Machine Man, who was the A.I. Army's second-in-command, put a bounty on him due to the allegations, Gears lured him to the barn. Machine Man was convinced that Gears was actually helping A.I.s, and let him keep his sanctuary as long as he didn't interfere with the robot rebellion. He also officially cut all ties with Gears and Spalding, but Gears refused to make it mutual.[3]

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Garvin was a skilled mechanic.

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