The man known only as Wilbur the Great was a criminal who was hired by the Nazis in 1944 to steal oil and gasoline tankers from delivery runs in the United States. Until it was time to ship the stolen fuel, Wilbur and his minions hid the tanks on his farm by disguising them as grain silos.

When one of their robberies was witnessed by the Human Torch and Toro, they stopped the robbery and captured his minions but Wilbur escaped. Hiring more criminals, Wilbur continued his robbery spree. The Human Torch and Toro were sent to guard the next shipment of fuel being taken by train and spotted Wilbur's farm. There, the two heroes attacked Wilbur and his men but were unable to use their flames for fear of igniting the fuel supplies. The Torch and Toro were knocked out, and the Torch dumped into an oil tank and left Toro tied to a tree while they went to steal the oil shipment. The Torch managed to free himself and Toro and went after Wilbur and his minions.

With the two heroes foiling the train robbery, Wilbur fled back to his Nazi employers who were waiting in a nearby U-Boat. The Human Torch and Toro caught up to them and destroyed the sub, killing Wilbur and all the Nazis on board.[1]


Wilbur carried an umbrella which was fire proof; it also doubled as a defensive weapon.

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