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The horse known as the Wild One ruled over a region known as Thunder Canyon during the days of the American Frontier. One day when a young colt's sire was killed by the Wild One, the colt was rescued by the hero known as the Western Kid. The Kid took in the colt and raised it to adult hood and trained it to be his riding horse, naming the colt Whirlwind. Over the years a horse rustler settled into the region and captured the Wild One and trained it to lure other horses in the canyon into an area where he could capture and sell them.

The disappearances of the horses drew the Western Kid, Whirlwind and his pet dog Lightning. When the Kid camped out for the night, Whirlwind broke free and confronted the Wild One. Outmatched, the Wild One lured Whirlwind to his master and Whirlwind was swiftly captured. The Kid was led to where Whirlwind was captured by Lightning and he fought it out with the rustler. Unmatched for the Western Kid, the rustler called the Wild One who came charging at the cowboy. However the Kid was saved by Whirlwind who managed to break free and resumed his fight with the Wild One. Having lost the battle, the rustler and Wild One attempted to flee, but Lightning had brought a stampede of all the other horses in the region who forced both off a cliff where Wild One and his master fell to their death[1].

However, there is another conflicting tale about the Wild One its origins and its ultimate fate. In another tale, the Wild One is referred to as the White Kid or White Fury. This tale also states that the White King murdered Whirlwind's sire, the primary difference being that instead of taking place at Thunder Canyon, it took place in a location known as Wild Horse Mesa. In this tale, the Western Kid was camping nearby Wild Horse Mesa when his horse Whirlwind scented the White King and challenged him. The two fought it out, but the other horses forced Whirlwind to stand down and join their herd of renegade horses, which then attacked a the nearby London ranch and stole the horses. The Western Kid joined the posse to capture the rogue horses and Lightning found them first. While Lightning kept the other horses at bay, Whirlwind challenged the White King again and easily defeated him, but spared his life. The White King and the rest of the renegade horses were then placed in a coral while Whirlwind returned to his rightful master[2].

Which of these two tales is true, and the ultimate fate of the Wild One/White King remains unknown.

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Wild One was trained to come to his master at a whistle and defend him from attackers.


Marvel has previously established that the majority of their western tales published between the 1940s and 50s were considered "Dime Store Novels" based on the real adventures of their various western heroes[3]. It could be said then that both of these conflicting events could be based on an actual event, with some elements changed for dramatic effect.

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