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Synopsis for "Kid Colt Outlaw"

In the early hours before dawn, the Razor Kendall Gang rush out into the waning night to rob both the payroll at the Diamond X Ranch, the Rock City Bank. They hit the bank first, blasting it open with dynamite and then racing out to stop the Yuma coach which is carrying the Diamond X payroll. There they are confronted by the local marshall Frisk Kirby, who gets the drop on them but has his guns shot out of his hand. Before the Kendall gang can kill the marshall and steal the payroll Kid Colt arrives on the scene, ambushing Razor Kendall and his men and forcing them to flee.

The wounded marshall then convinces Kid Colt to meet with him at the town hall in Saddlehorn, promising that it is not a trap. Despite his better judgement, Kid Colt agrees. The next morning Kid Colt arrives in Saddlehorn where he is surprised to see that all the locals have gathered with the marshall in the town hall. Kid Colt then learns that they wish to hire him to help wipe out the Razor Kendall Gang and offer him the cities resources and able bodied men to help him in his task.

Kid Colt accepts the job, but tells them that he only needs two other men to do the job. Riding into another town Kid Colt seeks out his two friends and fellow outlaws Riata Cruz and Bat Cantrell who agree to help Kid Colt on his mission in return for saving their lives. The duo track down the entire gang and wipe them out. In the aftermath of the battle Kid Colt shows his friends that he was given a US marshal star and tells his friends that they can tell their grand kids that they were US marshals for a day.

Appearing in "The Whistling Bushwhacker!"

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Synopsis for "The Whistling Bushwhacker!"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Appearing in "The Brute of Butte Gap"

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Synopsis for "The Brute of Butte Gap"

Western tale.

Appearing in "The Killer!"

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Synopsis for "The Killer!"

Western tale.

Appearing in "Stagecoach!"

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Synopsis for "Stagecoach!"

Western tale.

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