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Synopsis for "Kid Colt Outlaw"

Outlaw Stilleto Gorn pays a visit to a rancher named Amos Light offering him full protection for his cattle at $2 a head. Seeing no need for cattle protection, Light kicks them out of his house, vowing to go to the horsemen's association to deal with him and his men. However, when Amos meets with the association he finds that the men have all bowed down to Stilleto's demands. Despite this, Amos decides not to give in. However, the following day Amos is informed by one of his ranch hands that the creek that flows through their land suddenly dried up.

Not far away, Kid Colt has stopped to get water for himself and his horse Steel and is also surprised to find the creek dried up. Following the dried up creek bed, Kid Colt finds a recently made dam blocking the water from flowing. There he is confronted by two gun men who try to kill the Kid, but the outlaw hero is faster at the draw and easily guns them down.

Going into town for a bite to eat, Kid Colt is approached by Amos Light who explains the situation in town and asks for Kid Colt's help in dealing with Stilleto Gorn and his gang. Kid Colt agrees to help and goes to the outlaws camp near the dam. There he guns down Stilleto Gorn's men, but Stilleto himself gets the drop on Kid Colt and knocks him out. When the Kid comes around, he finds himself tied up and sees Stilleto setting up a keg of dynamite to blow him up.

However, even though his arms are tied up, Kid Colt manages to kick Stilleto Gorn off a cliff and sends the keg of explosives following after him. The resulting explosion not only slays Gorn, but it also blasts open the dam sending the much needed water flowing back into Amos Light's ranch.

Appearing in "Desert Justice"

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Synopsis for "Desert Justice"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Appearing in "Killer at Bay!"

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Synopsis for "Killer at Bay!"

Western tale

Appearing in "Water Hole"

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Synopsis for "Water Hole"

Western tale.

Appearing in "The Kid!"

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Synopsis for "The Kid!"

Western tale.

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