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The town of Lands End is a place that is too far removed from the rest of the west that the law does not extend out there, making it a haven for outlaws, that is until Kid Colt rode into town. In the local saloon, Kid Colt confronts and shoots an outlaw named Curly in a draw, to avenge a friend whom Curly had murdered. He then warns the other outlaws present to not shoot him as he backs out, as they will share the same fate as Curly. However, as soon as Kid Colt it outside, Curly's men come out with guns blazing, but a warning from a young girl named Dora Benning allows Kid Colt to mow them all down. This horrifies the woman as she didn't want to see bloodshed and a repentant Kid Colt promises to repay her in debt for warning him of the danger.

Kid Colt is soon greeted by the locals including mayor Tom Benning who have asked Kid Colt to help clean out Land's End, as everyone who has taken the job before him have been killed in the process. Knowing the area is the jurisdiction of an outlaw known as Bat Calhoune, Kid Colt initially refuses until he learns that the girl who helped him earlier is the mayors daughter, and that her boyfriend Jack is interested in taking the job as marshal. Realizing Jack would be putting his life at risk, Kid Colt agrees to take on the job in order to clear his debt with Miss Benning.

Kid Colt begins to clean up town, slaying any outlaws who refuse to leave. When Bat Calhoune and his men arrive and go to the local saloon for drinks, Kid Colt confronts them and orders them to leave. Bat tries to start a fight, but Kid Colt proves to be a superior fighter and forces Calhoune and his men to flee.

With peace restored to town, Dora and Jack go out to deliver some supplies to a nearby nester family, despite Kid Colt's warnings that it might not be safe. This causes an argument between Dora and Jack, and Jack becomes furious as they had never argued before Kid Colt came to town and rides off on his own. He ends up running into Bat Calhoune and his men and agrees to help them lead Kid Colt into a trap in order to eliminate him.

Later, Kid Colt is given a note forged in the name of Dora Benning asking him to go to a nearby cabin outside of town. Kid Colt complies, easily aware of the fact that he is probably walking into a trap. As he approaches, Jack cannot bring himself to go through with the trap and rushes out warning Kid Colt of the danger, taking a bullet for the outlaw hero. The two men then work together to wipe out Bat and his gang. With the gang destroyed, Kid Colt and Jack return to town where the Kid turns over his marshal's star over to Jack, convinced that he will be a good defender of the area.

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