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Appearing in "Kid Colt Outlaw"

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  • Jess Kruger

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Synopsis for "Kid Colt Outlaw"

Kid Colt comes across some dead Crow warriors who are being picked apart by buzzards, apparently slaughtered in a conflict with settlers. Seeking cover he barely avoids being discovered by a Crow war party and notices that they are all drinking whiskey and suspects that this has inflamed the tribe.

When the warriors engage local settlers, Kid Colt assists in driving them away. He is thanked by the mayor of Carson City, Jess Kruger who is a bigot who believes that all Native Americans should be wiped out. Kid Colt does not agree with this point of view but accepts Kruger's invitation to Carson City. He asks the locals what happened, he learns that the Crow had only turned violent when someone began smuggling guns and liquor to them. Kid Colt convinces Kruger to hold off on any more attacks until speak with the chief of the Crows and straighten things out.

Kid Colt rides out to the Crow camp where he is brought to their chief. The chief explains that since a white man they have named Smoking Lion had been giving them alcohol the chief has had no control over his tribe. The warriors get drunk and then tie the Kid to a stake and begin throwing axes and firing arrows as close to him as possible. Kid Colt calls out to their sense of pride telling them that the Crow are women and challenges their best warrior to a duel. The Crows do not back down and their best warrior Might Bear takes on the challenge. Kid Colt manages to defeat Might Bear winning the right to order the Crow to dispose of their whiskey and guns.

Realizing who "Smoking Lion" is, Kid Colt rides back to Carson City where he confronts Jess Kruger over his supplying the Crows with fire arms and alcohol. When Kruger tries to shoot the Kid, Colt manages to shoot the gun out of Kruger's hand and turns him over to the sheriff.

Appearing in "The Stagecoach Killer!"

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Synopsis for "The Stagecoach Killer!"

Western tale.

Appearing in "Rogue River Uprising!"

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Synopsis for "Rogue River Uprising!"

Western tale.

Appearing in "The Last Roundup"

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Synopsis for "The Last Roundup"

Western tale.

Appearing in "The Last Redman"

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Synopsis for "The Last Redman"

Western tale.

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