The Wildkat Klub was located in the district of New York City commonly referred to as Mutant Town. Residents were constantly exposed to the harassment of rival mutant gangs, bigoted humans, and capricious members of the NYPD.[1]

It was destroyed during a gang war between Daniel Kaufman and "Filthy" Frankie Zapruder.[citation needed]

Beginning of the End

Kaufman's men picked up a mutant by the name of Jazz, who sold a psychoactive drug to mutants. He was brought to Kaufman's office, where he was persuaded to tell them about the drug, and where he got it.[citation needed]

Zapruder had a young mutant who was called Toad Boy "working" for him whose bodily fluids were the drug. He was kept in a meat packing plant where a team of scientists would extract the drug and put it on litmus paper where it would be distributed and sold, much like acid.[citation needed]

Kaufman and his men raided the plant and after a shootout, they "liberated" Toad Boy. Kaufman had his men immediately put him back to work, having his own team of scientists harvest his bodily fluids to make the drug.[citation needed]

After the police shut down the meat packing plant during the investigation, Zapruder had a large amount of Semtex-H (Plastique Explosive) sent to the Wildkat Klub. When it was detonated, it destroyed the club completely.[citation needed]

Employees of Note

A mutant named Daniel Kaufman owned the club. He was a lot more ruthless than his rival Frankie Zapruder. He was called Shaky due to his mutant powers. His bodyguard Mister Punch acted as his 'punching bag' during these episodes because he had no pain receptors.[citation needed]

The bouncer was known as Patch. Other then surviving the explosion that destroyed the club, little else was revealed about him.[citation needed]

The most sought-after girl was Lara King, who commanded a price of 50 grand per 'show'. She was rather plain in her appearance, but before losing her mutant power after M-Day, she was able to generate sensory illusions, which could alter her physical appearance and reconfigure impressions of the environment. She told Officer Izzy Ortega that she had the most exclusive client list of any working girl in the town. Her client list was made up of actors, politicians, princes, tycoons, and even a former president of the United States.[citation needed]Lorelei Travis became one of the Wildkat Klub's household names through the artistic use of her genetic mutation (prehensile hair).[citation needed]


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