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Early Life

Wilhelmina Kensington is the only daughter of hotel billionaire Lenore Kensington, who was a murderous piece of work.[5] Wilhelmina developed a love of both beauty pageants and martial arts, and a competitive streak that served her well in both.[6] As a child, she was secretly molested by her father. Wilhelmina suppressed the trauma in her memory and externalized it in the form of psychopathy, killing numerous animals and people.[7] Her mother died in a mysterious fall from a great height, being one of Wilhelmina's first murders.[8] Wilhelmina inherited her mother's vast fortune and control of the company while having no further contact with her biological father.[7][6]

The New Hellfire Club

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After the Day of the Serpent, Kensington was recruited into the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club at the behest of Kade Kilgore.[9] Following the return of the phoenix, the Hellfire Club made a killing selling new Sentinels; however, the Phoenix Five found and imprisoned them. Once they were freed, Mina went with the others to Salem Center.[10] She had an enjoyable time camping.[11]

Wilhelmina found out that Kade was adding a new Queen to the Hellfire Club which she highly disapproved of.[12] At Kade's most vulnerable moment, Mina betrayed him and took command of the Siege Perilous, proclaimed as its queen by The Philistine.[2] She was later seen back in the company of the Hellfire Club.[13]

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As the new heir of Kilgore Arms, Wilhelmina joined a meeting at the Universal Bank along with the heads of various companies from across the globe to discuss Dario Agger and Roxxon's secret operations in the Ten Realms. Fearlessly, she openly threatened him.[14]

Homines Verendi

Sometime later, after the foundation of the mutant-only nation of Krakoa, Wilhelmina and her old associates of the Hellfire Club settled in Madripoor where they created a new anti-mutant organization called Homines Verendi.[15]

Despite their animosity with the mutants, they were invited to the Hellfire Gala organized by Emma Frost to display mutant potential.[16] During the gala, the Stepford Cuckoos took notice of her and made her remember something she'd forgotten.[17] With her trauma exposed, Wilhelmina experienced a mental breakdown, suddenly feeling the guilt of her actions and the pain she had caused others for the first time. The Cuckoos noticed that they'd made a mess and, deciding to keep it from Emma Frost, dug deeper into Wilhelmina's memories to uncover her childhood trauma. They immediately located her biological father in London and offered Wilhelmina to pay him a visit, which she accepted.[7] The Cuckoos took Wilhelmina to her father's apartment, where they telepathically made all of his neighbors aware of what he had done to his daughter. Afterwards, the Cuckoos left, wishing Wilhelmina well. Her father died shortly afterwards the same way as her mother did, but whether by Wilhelmina's hand or his own remains unseen. Once that was dealt with, Wilhelmina broke up with Kade Kilgore and departed from Homines Verendi.[3]



  • Hand-to-Hand Combat Training: She is a capable fighter for one so young and small.[18] She was able to escape from prison while being heavily restrained.[citation needed]
  • Presentation: Competitive participant in numerous beauty pageants gaining an advanced understanding of using one's mein.[6]


  • Psychopath: Despite being a human girl of young age, she is a sociopath and psychopath, having killed human guards[10] and alien warriors,[6] alleged the mutilation of cats[18] and penguins,[19] and referred to a Badoon Brain Worm as "pretty kitty".[6] After the Cuckoos revealed her suppressed memories, Wilhelmina was shown to have lost her psychopathy. As seen where she suffered a full blown nervous breakdown upon remembering all of her victims and being wracked by guilt and remorse.[7]



All manner of martial arts weaponry, in addition to the Siege Perilous.[citation needed]


Wilhelmina has at least in the past made use of a particularly weighty hammer to partake in her hobby of killing penguins.[20]


Has access to all vehicles used by the Hellfire Club.


  • Wilhelmina was 11 years old at the time of her first appearance.[18]

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