Willard Thomas was the owner of the Thomas Bank during the 1940s. He would get into trust with a number of other wealthy bank owners. However, growing greedy, Thomas would adopt the identity of the Hood . He organized his own criminal gang to wipe out his fellow trustees and rob their banks. After a series of successes his crimes would gain the attention of the FBI who would send their agent Curt Cowan (secretly the Dynamic Man) to investigate. Cowan would question Willard as the Dynamic Man. Willard in order to cover for himself would state that he received a threat from the Hood himself and claimed that he feared his bank would be targeted next.

Willard Thomas (Earth-616) 002

The Hood, unmasked.

Later, at the Hood, Willard would attempt to rob his own bank only to be opposed by the Dynamic Man. As the hero combated with his minions, the Hood would sneak up behind the Dynamic Man and strike him from behind, knocking him out. After locking up the Dynamic Man in a jail cell, he would go after his colleague Lamont Lewis. However, the Dynamic Man (having broken out of his cell) would arrive and easily defeat the Hood and his men. Unmasking the criminal, both the Dynamic Man and Lewis would recognize him as Willard Thomas, making his plot all the more clearer. Willard would be turned over to the authorities.




Willard and his gang had a getaway car.


As the Hood, Willard used a handgun.

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