Prince William is the heir to the throne of Britain in Earth-1193, a world pulled from Arthurian Legend. As he is riding his horse, Goliath, after being sent on a quest by his parents, as is the tradition, he narrowly avoids being hit by Excalibur’s train as it arrives. He charges at Lockheed, who he believes is attacking Kitty Pryde while he is merely trying to rouse her. Lockheed knocks him from his horse with a jet of flame. Excalibur tend to him in the medical bay of their train, and he recognises Brian Braddock as Captain Marshall, his equivalent on Earth-1193, who has been missing for some years. He explains Earth-1193 to Excalibur while they examine the damage to their train. When Kitty is kidnapped by the Shaitan, he joins Excalibur as they rescue her from the Ogre, Butch. When Kitty and Princess Katherine are rescued from Bruce’s castle, William falls in love with Kitty and proposes to her, much to Katherine’s chagrin. [1]

After the Queen Mother transforms Kitty into a Princess, mind and body, William escorts Kitty around the palace grounds. As he takes her into his small castle in the grounds, they are kidnapped by trolls who burst from the ground. But Kitty phases from their grip and rescues William, before the Queen Mother’s spell reactivates.

Later after Princess Katherine is arrested for trying to kill Kitty, Katherine admits to Kitty that she loves William, and William, though initially unsure, realises he does to, and tells the Queen Mother that he means to marry Katherine instead, which she accepts. [2]

A Prince William of England did marry a Catherine in reality

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