William Amos was reportedly the son of a Deviant woman and the human heir to the Amos fortune. When Lord Tantalus had his mother murdered for loving outside her species, Amos became dedicated to Tantalus's downfall. He joined the Underground Legion, a secret order of Deviants, humans, and super-beings with the tacit approval of the United States government. As Mammoth, Amos was unaware their leader Blackwulf was Tantalus's son Pelops until after his death. Mammoth succeeded Pelops as leader of the Legion.

When the Underground Legion followed Tantalus back to his homeworld of Armechadon, Mammoth's left arm was infected by Tantalus's Black Legacy. The new Blackwulf, Lucian, cut the arm off before the Legacy could spread any further.


  • Enormous size
  • Superhuman strength
  • Durability


Mammoth uses boot jet to fly and carries massive firearms.

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