As part of his failed attempt to drive Spider-Man mad, Mysterio bombarded him with illusions of his enemies, including Sandman.[2]

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Taking control of his younger self's body

Years later, Sandman's human body died, becoming an amorphous blob of animated sand.[1] He became an ally of Norman Osborn, who had taken over the United States by means of facilitating the Presidency of his son Harry, and using him as a puppet for his own gain.[3] When Spider-Man put an end to the Osborn syndicate, he brutally defeated him and his allies.

Sandman eventually discovered that his sand form granted him immortality, and went on to live for five billion years more. In this future, Sandman turned his body into glass and was married to a creature named Kal-Wahr with whom he waited and witnessed the death of the Sun.[4] In order to escape the death of the Earth, Sandman took advantage of a rift in the Multiverse to beam his consciousness to the past of the parallel universe of Earth-616. He purposefully avoided to travel to his own past to prevent any paradoxes.[1] Sandman took over the body of his counterpart from this universe just as his human body had died.

Earth-51838 from Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol 1 309 001

Sandman's ultimate fate

While fighting for control, the young Sandman sought Spider-Man's help. When Spider-Man was caught in a sandstorm caused by the future Sandman, Flint realized he could hand over control of his sand form to another person. Flint transferred this ability to Spider-Man, giving him enough room to fight the future Sandman's take-over. With help from the Human Torch, Spider-Man used a device for multiversal travel called the Multisect which sealed the rift and sent the future Sandman back to his time, leaving him floating in the void of space. Sandman lamented not only that he had failed in his plan, but also that the universe failed to end him, and he was doomed to live forever in nothingness.[1]

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