Quote1 Sandman. A.K.A. Flint Marko. A.K.A. Grade-A jerk-store. He's a bank robber. Which was probably obvious since he punched me out of a bank. He can control sand. Which is also obvious, since it's, like, his name. Alias. Whatever. Quote2
-- Spider-Man src

Sandman was caught robbing a bank by Spider-Man. During the chase, Marko seemed to get get the upperhand until Spidey turned a cement mixer on him, entrapping him in the substance.[1] He was among the villains recruited into the Sinister Six to finally defeat Spider-Man.[2] They used Mysterio's holograms to trick Spider-Man into an ambush, but despite achieving the upper hand and having Spider-Man literally under their feet, the youth's will allowed him to prevail, defeating the Sinister Six.[3]


Seemingly those of William Baker of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of William Baker of Earth-616.

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