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Bill was the local fry cook and proprietor of Bill's Diner in Broxton, Oklahoma, an establishment that had been in his family for three generations.[2] One night the Asgardian Kelda traveled to Broxton. Having trouble sleeping, Bill was also out walking. After some conversation, Kelda invited Bill to visit her in Asgard. Eventually mustering his courage, Bill took her up on her offer.[3][4]

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Over time the two fell in love, and Bill moved with her to Latveria during the Asgardian relocation. Feeling the need to help Balder, Bill discovered Doctor Doom's plot to unravel the secret of the Asgardian's immortality through vivisection. Loki noticed Bill spying and blasted him to the ground below. Several warriors loyal to Loki swarmed out to attack Bill. He managed to hold them off for a few minutes, until one finally ran him through just as Balder rode up and saw Bill dying. Balder fought them off and Bill managed to run one of them through just as he was about to stab Balder, saving his life. Bill died in Balder's arms, asking him to tell Kelda that he loved her, and that it was Loki who put the plan into motion.[5]

After the Siege of Asgard, Kelda, looking to help in the rebuilding efforts was informed by a Valkyrie that in the Hall of Valhalla, Bill was among the great heroes who had fallen in battle.[6]

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