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William "Bill" Cox was the son of Corsair Cox, a well known criminal who was active in the early days of 1944. Bill was unaware of his father's criminal activities or that the money his father paid to put him through military academy was from the spoils of his crimes. On the day that he was to graduate from the academy, his father came to his visit, it was a visit that would end in tragedy. As fate would have it, the police tracked Corsair to the academy where they gunned him down when he attempted to flee them.

Bill soon learned of his father's criminal activities, destroying his morale and prompting him to quit the military and become as great a criminal as his father. When the Whizzer learned of this, he decided to prevent the boy from committing any crimes and convince him to return to the service. After foiling an attempted murder and bank robbery, the Whizzer told Bill that he had to turn over a new leaf and offered him to stay at Jack Robbin's home, a "friend" of the Whizzer (unknown to Bill, this was an assumed alias that the Whizzer maintained in public life). Bill was later confronted by Nazi spies who wanted to get at the Whizzer through his "friend" and convinced him to bring them to Robbin's home.

Bill, having decided to give up on crime, decided to follow along with this anyway, knowing that the Whizzer would stop the spies. Sure enough, Bill was correct, and the spies were captured. Bill then returned to the military where he soon rose to the rank of lieutenant and became a war hero due to his battles against Imperial Japanese forces in the Pacific Theater.[1]

Bill's subsequent fate is unknown.

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