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An accountant living in Long Island, William Drake was the father of Bobby Drake, who would go on to become the X-Man Iceman. He did not approve of his son's choice to be a mutant superhero, and was on poor terms with his son for several years.[1]

However, when bigot Graydon Creed ran for the American Presidency, William Drake heckled him during a televised interview, shouting that a Creed presidency would be harmful to American sons and daughters. In a twist, Bobby, who was undercover in the Creed campaign as "Drake Roberts", was in the building at the time, and was immensely proud of his father.[2]

William was subsequently hospitalised by Creed campaign goons, and Bobby, his cover blown, took a leave of absence from the X-Men to help his father recover. He was relatively healed by the time Operation: Zero Tolerance, a plan initiated, ironically, by the death of Graydon Creed.[3]

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Normal human male.

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