Billy Johnson was the firstborn child of Otis and Adina Johnson and the brother of Tyrone Johnson. He grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana and enjoyed basketball. He also cared for his younger brother deeply. He engaged in small-time petty theft from time to time, but realized the effects it could have on the young Tyrone and chose to avoid committing any more crimes. When his friends tried to talk him into stealing a car radio, Tyrone was within earshot and, wanting to impress Billy, went to steal the radio himself when Billy refused to do so. Tyrone brought the radio to Billy, but Billy scolded him for stealing it and took him to put it back. He and Tyrone were caught at the scene, however, and knowing they would be arrested for the crime, Billy ran with Tyrone on his heels. They were pursued by Detective Connors, who cornered them at the waterfront overlooking Lake Borgne. Billy willingly surrendered, but the explosion of the Roxxon oil rig behind Billy caused Connors to shoot him twice, killing him.[1]


  • Thief: Billy was an amateur thief, though he felt morally compelled to stop shortly before his death.

  • This character is an amalgamation of Cloak's brother Otis Johnson, and Cloak's friend Billy who was killed by a cop.

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