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Wiccan was a young powerful sorcerer member of the Young Avengers.

To protect their teammate Iron Lad, Wiccan and the Young Avengers battled Kang the Conqueror who was Iron Lad's future evil self and wanted to stop him from becoming a hero. The heroes were able to help their friend escape, but during the battle some of them ended up trapped in Limbo by Kang.

Wiccan was one of the Young Avengers that wasn't trapped by Kang. The heroes kept battling the Conqueror, but now with the objective of freeing their friends from Limbo, on their continuous efforts to achieve their goals they ended up traveling to Earth-TRN562, the reality that Kang was now set on conquering, which was set in a past similar to Wiccan's own reality.

Wiccan and the other Young Avengers joined forces with the Avengers Academy to stop Kang from conquering their reality, they were successful in stopping Kang working together, but they did not find a way to free their friends from Limbo.

Stuck in this reality, Wiccan and the others joined the Avengers Academy.

Wiccan learned from Doctor Strange who his real mother actually was, a powerful witch with Chaos Magic powers, Wiccan tried to find her, but was unable to locate her.

Wiccan would later become an apprentice of Doctor Strange, who deemed him worthy of becoming the next Sorcerer Supreme and started training him for that purpose.[1]

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Seemingly those of the Wiccan of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Wiccan of Earth-616.

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