Will Magnus was the brother of the metamutant superhero Magneto, but had no superpowers of his own. Jealous of his brother, Will Magnus set about to exterminate all metamutants. One of his creations were the metamutant hunting robots known as the Sentinels. One of the Sentinels' achievements was the slaughter of Magneto's team, the Brotherhood of Mutants. They were later recreated by Magneto as the robotic Magnetic Men.[1]

After destroying three Roxxon oil freighters and framing Aqua Mariner for the attacks, Magnus helped to split the Judgement League Avengers on metamutant lines and the imprisonment of Aqua Mariner soon led to the formation of the JLX.[citation needed]

After stealing the Serpents' Crown (an Atlantean artifact), Will Magnus located the sunken world of Atlantis, the home of all metamutants. Along with his robotic wife, Jocasta, Will Magnus used his Sentinels to attack the JLX, but Jocasta died in the process.[2]

Later, Will Magnus received approval of the Armageddon Agenda by the U.S. Congress, giving him the right to exterminate all metamutants in the world, starting with the JLX and the X-Patrol afterward. With the help of Amazon, Will Magnus was defeated.[3]


Extensive knowledge in engineering and robotics

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