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William McLaughlin claims that he was an adventurer who accidentally stumbled upon the ruins of the Sanctuary of Light, former home of the Followers of the Light, creators of the Shogun Warrior robots. Inside he learned all about the organization and how they constructed three robots and gave them to Genji Odashu, Ilongo Savage and Richard Carson, who were heroes at the time. McLauighlin later discovered a fourth unfinished robot and used spare parts to complete it. Calling his robot the Samurai Destroyer, he then set about to use the robot for his own personal gain. Seeing the Shogun Warriors as opposition, he first tracked down the secret hiding places of their robots and destroyed them.

With the Samurai Destroyer, William then began stealing vast amounts of gold from all over the globe and stashing his spoils within the ruins of the Sanctuary of Light. The thefts attracted the attention of the Fantastic Four as well as the Shogun Warriors, and the two groups worked together. They tracked the Samurai Destroyer to Tokyo where a battle broke out between the FF and the robot. Ultimately, the Fantastic Four's leader Mister Fantastic incapacitated the robot by destroying it's navigational systems. With his robot incapacitated, William tried to kill his foes by setting the Destroyer to self destruct. But the Fantastic Four and their allies were contained in a force field put up by the Invisible Girl. With his robot destroyed, McLaughlin was turned over to the Japanese authorities. [2] His subsequent fate is unknown.


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Samurai Destroyer had superhuman strength, being able to lift 100 tons. He also had an extremely durable casing, withstanding heavy-round tank artillery. Its boots were equipped with high-powered rockets to fly, its fingertips could emit powerful concussive bolts and its laser-sword projected an energy aura to more easily cut through objects.

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