Bedlam was a prisoner in a Nova Scotia prison when James Hudson found him. Hudson could tell that that he had latent powers, and since he was being pressured to bring in more superhumans, he made a deal with Bedlam (whose real name has yet to be revealed). He would set Bedlam free and give him powers if he agreed to use those powers to work for the government. Bedlam agreed but had no intention of honoring the deal.[2]

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Once his powers were released, only Hudson and Wolverine, working together, could force him to seal himself into a cocoon. He was awoken years later by Gary Cody, who was looking for a means to control Alpha Flight. He promptly wiped Cody's mind, leaving him brain-dead as a reward for his help and then sought out Alpha Flight. He set up a base in the arctic and recruited a group of superhumans to his needs, called the Derangers. Using his powers to pit the two teams against one another, he decided that whoever won would live and help him create a new world.[3]

With the help of Wolverine, and the Derangers, Alpha Flight was able to beat Bedlam. However, holding Vindicator II in a death grip, she was forced to kill him lest he wipe her mind out.[4]

Alpha Flight took over Bedlam's base only to discover his artificial lifeforms, Bedlamites, infested it.[5]

Powers and Abilities


Bedlam had several mental capabilities, some of which are...

  • Telepathy
  • Telekinesis
  • Powerful Psionics

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