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Billy Roberts was an evangelist who elicited unwavering devotion from his religious flock. One of his followers, sanitation worker Bob Farmer, found the discarded power prism left behind by the former Doctor Spectrum, Kinji Obatu after his confrontation with Iron Man. Using the prism to expand his power base, Roberts as the new Doctor sought out the other members of the Squadron Sinister. Along with Hyperion, the Whizzer and Nighthawk, the quartet were themselves recruited by the alien Nebulon leading to a battle with the Defenders. While Nighthawk switched sides, his three former comrades continued their criminal careers upon returning to Earth following their last defeat, although once more it was the Defenders who vanquished the terrible trio. On one later occasion, when the power prism was in the possession of the Avenger known as the Wasp, her allies sought out Roberts who had been made to forget his former felonious ways. Seeking to reclaim the prism under the guise of aiding the Avengers, he was nonetheless vanquished once more soon after reclaiming it.[1]


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  • Doctor Spectrum's Power Prism: The Power Prism bestows on a host the ability to project and manipulate energy; create energy constructs of various shapes and sizes; flight; protection from the rigors of space and in the case of the original Doctor Spectrum, Kinji Obatu, the ability to become intangible. The Power Prism has one weakness: being vulnerable to ultra-violet light.[1]

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