The past history of Jigsaw of Earth-9997 presumably matches that of his Earth-616 counterpart. While the circumstances of his death are unknown, it's entirely possible that he was killed by the Punisher prior to his suicide. Jigsaw was one of the many heroes and villains who ended up in the Realm of the Dead where he presumably battled heroes endlessly.[citation needed]

When Mar-Vell succeeding in slaying Death and created his own Paradise, Jigsaw was one of the many villains that initially accepted the fact that they were dead and allowed into the realm of Paradise. However, he, the Kingpin and the Jackal found that it was more ideal to live in the Realm of the Dead. For Jigsaw and the Jackal in particular, they wished to use their knowledge of the Realm's true nature to torment their old foe Frank Castle who has been living an ideal life with his family in the Realm.[citation needed]

Castle meanwhile was being approached by Captain America, one of Mar-Vell's Avenging Host, "angels" charged with defending Paradise and convincing other souls that they were dead and recruiting them to Paradise. Castle would become convinced due to the repeat attacks by Jigsaw and the Jackal. These attacks would horrify Castle's wife and children who would consider him a monster due to his brutal means of killing the two criminals over and over. Eventually, Captain America would learn of the two villains activities and carry them off to an abandoned part of the Realm, far away from anyone to reflect on the crimes they committed.[citation needed]

Jigsaw's ultimate fate is unrevealed.




Seemingly those of the Billy Russo of Earth-616.

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