Admiral Stryker was the mutant-phobic Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US military who was part of a group of high-ranking government officials and military officers who orchestrated a coup d'eat against the President after his decision to take a cooperative pro-mutant stance with Charles Xavier. Fearing Xavier was controlling the President's mind and possible mutant domination of Americans, Stryker along with his associates hired remnants of the defunct Weapon X and its main agent Tara to capture Wolverine to use him to discredit the Xavier's reputation and sow distrust against mutants.[1] After that plan failed, Stryker helped coordinate a Sentinel attack with intentions to kill the President.

After the assassination attempt, Stryker planned to use the Secretary of Defense to declare war on mutants but his plan was uncovered by special agent Karma under orders from Nick Fury who arrested Stryker for later execution and killed off his fellow group members.[2]


It was later revealed Stryker had a mutant son, William Stryker Jr., who he abused and forced to take drug suppressants to hide his mutant abilities. After the Ultimatum Wave, Stryker appeared to his son in the form of hallucinations to egg on his son's anti-mutant crusade.

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