William Taurey was a founding member of the Elite. He was dedicated to overthrowing the U.S. Government and establishing his ruling Elite class as the ruling body[1]. Taurey at one point had access to Madbomb technology which could send cities or even the entire country into rioting frenzies. Taurey planned to detonate his Big Daddy Mad-Bomb around the American Bi-Centennial and later emerge from the chaos[2].

Taurey had an ancestor that served in the English Army, opposing United States Colonial troops in the Revolutionary war. This ancestor (who bore a remarkable resemblance to William Taurey) was slain by the Colonial Steve Rogers. As a matter of honor, William Taurey vowed to avenge him by killing the modern day Steve Rogers[1]. He came face to face with Captain America during the Elite's supposed celebration of their victory but was defeated and arrested along with the rest of his group[3].

More recently, William Taurey was affiliated with the Secret Empire and came into conflict with the Thunderbolts.



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