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The first Razor-Fist was an assassin, bodyguard, and enforcer employed by Carlton Velcro, working at Velcro's estate on the coast of the Gulf of Lions, southern France. Velcro surgically replaced this man's hands with steel blades. Razor Fist battled Shang-Chi, and was accidentally shot to death by Carlton Velcro's guards.[1]


Through unknown means, Young returned to life years later.[2] He, along with other host of assassins, were hired to capture Domino, who was training in Hong Kong with Shang-Chi, but they were all ended up defeated by both heroes.[3]

Game of Rings[]

Razor Fist was hired by Lady Iron Fan to assassinate Shang-Chi and attacked him while the Master of Kung Fu was on a date with Delilah Wang at a miniature golf course in Manhattan. Razor Fist was easily defeated but Shang-Chi realized the assassination attempt was a diversion when Master Ling informed him that the House of the Deadly Hand was under attack.[4]

Razor Fist and Lady Iron Fan were chosen by the Most Revered Game Administrators as participants for the Game of Rings and summoned to the Meritorious Striving Pagoda, where they were each given a Ring. The two of them fought Red Cannon but were defeated and eliminated, losing their Rings to Red Cannon.[5]


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William Young is a skilled martial artist.



Swords for hands which can be fired as projectiles[4]

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