Willie grew up hearing tales and legends from his Aboriginal family. However, he chose to live in the city and joined the police force.

While investigating sightings of 'monsters' with his partner, Willie suddenly realized that the legends his grandfather told him were true. He returned to his home and made a tribal costume as well as a boomerang to ward off the spirits.

He came upon the superhero team Force Works who were also investigating. They learned that all the town's citizens were trapped in a dreamlike state as 'nightmares' ran freely all over the area. They found a being that called itself the Orphan in the 'Dreaming Country.' It explained that the Aborigine 'dreamguards' had taken care of it in the past, as it could make a person's dreams manifest in reality. However, two robbers had killed an old man and stumbled upon it. Both robbers were eventually killed by their own nightmares.

Willie agreed to serve as the new Dreamguard, as he possessed the 'dream sight' the previous guardians did. Force Works left a communicator in case Willie needed more assistance.[2]

Power Grid[4]
Energy Projection1
Fighting Skills3


Willie possesses 'Dream-Sight', which enables him to interact with the dream spirits and apparently the 'orphan.'

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