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Quote1.png I am a snake. I've shed my skin for somethin' better. Stronger. You left me to rot, Carl. In a gutter. But I changed that sewer into a garden. Quote2.png
Willis Stryker


Early Life

Willis Stryker was the son of an affair between James Lucas and his secretary Dana Stryker. Unyielding to remove himself from his marriage, Willis became the older half-brother to Carl Lucas, with whom he became close.[1] Growing up he became overshadowed by Carl's achievements and lost the love of his father, developing a grudge with his unknowing younger brother.

Cottonmouth and Luke Cage

Willis Stryker (Earth-199999) from Marvel's Luke Cage Season 1 12.jpg

With Cottomouth's organization crumbling under Luke Cage's heroics, Hernan Alvarez called in Willis, now going by the alias Diamondback, to keep their business under control.[2] He quickly became obsessed with the person his brother had become and the powers he exhibited.

Engaging Luke in his new battlesuit he traded blows until surrounded by the people Harlem, Luke overpowered Willis. Beaten and broken he was placed in an ambulance. While Luke bathed in the glory, Willis was last seen being admitted to the hospital, being overseen by Noah Burstein noting this Willis smiled as the curtain was closed.[3]

He was later incarcerated at the Raft according to Luke.[4]



  • Power Suit: Willis made use of a full-body power suit built by Hammer Industries; its attributes include reducing damage received from external forces and storing kinetic energy that power the gauntlets. In his duel against Luke Cage, the armor was able to withstand his punches; the Power Suit also protected against gunshots from Shades, with no damage dealt to the armor or bearer.
  • Judas Gauntlet:


Throughout his arrival in Harlem, Willis has managed to obtain and utilize a variety of different weapons to stop Luke Cage and all other adversities that confront him.


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