Born a mutant with reptilian features, Willis Stryker befriended Luke Cage, as both were looked down upon for being different. Turning to crime as a way to fight back against society, their friendship continued to strengthen, with nothing capable of coming between them, until one day they met a girl named Reva Connors. When Reva began showing more attention towards Cage, Stryker became jealous, planting a bag of stolen cocaine in Cage's apartment, then calling the cops. Cage was arrested, and Reva turned to Stryker for comfort. Eventually, the gang who was to originally be the distributor for the stolen cocaine hunted Stryker down, killing Reva in a firefight, with Stryker managing to sneak away.

Recovering from this loss fairly quickly, Stryker began organizing a gang of his own, eventually becoming a pimp until the day Cage returned, seeking revenge. Stryker attempted to shoot Cage, with no luck, he tried biting him (an attempt to inject the venom he created into Cage's system), only to break his teeth and Cage's skin. In a final act of desperation, Stryker used a grenade, but ultimately only succeeded in killing himself. Cage walked away from the fight and proceeded to take over Stryker's gang.[1]


Stryker has snake-like fangs that can inject venom.

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