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When a plague turned the world's population into cannibals, Kingpin was among the many villians that succumbed to it. Not long afterward, the world fell to pieces and the infected started forming their own tribes. The Kingpin, having changed his name to the King of Death, manipulated turf wars between the tribes, thinning the herd and killing the uninfected in the process. When the war ended, the remaining tribes left the city, leaving Manhattan to Patient Zero's tribe. The King of Death took every other part of New York City. Over the course of several months, the King of Death and his tribe decimated the other tribes, enslaving the weak and forcing the strong to join his tribe. Eventually, the King of Death used his resources to enter Manhattan.

He started putting pressure on Patient Zero, killing many in his tribe and kidnapping his mate, Mary Jane Watson. Patient Zero went to the Punisher, who had been hunting him for years, for help, offering him the location of many uninfected survivors. Despite much reluctance, the Punisher agreed to help and snuck into the King's lair. However, he was ambushed and taken prisoner.[1]

The King of Death restrained and tortured him for information on Patient Zero's location, but he wouldn't surrender his location believing the survivors Patient Zero mentioned would be found as well. King soon threatened to kill the pregnant Mary Jane. Deadpool, a member of Patient Zero's tribe, came to his rescue and fought King's men while Mary Jane freed the Punisher. After obliterating the King's tribe, the Punisher shot him in the head.[2] Fisk's head was later displayed along with many others the Punisher had collected as trophies.[3]





Seemingly those of the Wilson Fisk of Earth-616. Also, due to his exposure to Survivor 118, the King of Death was capable of adapting to extreme changes in his environment.

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