Wilson Fisk was the uncontested, undisputed Kingpin of crime. The capo de capo of the tri state area. The point to which all hell in this city floated up to. For years, Fisk lived by a philosophy that Daredevil needed a Kingpin to be Daredevil. That they were the flipside of the same card. And for years, on some level, it looked like he was right. A balance was struck between them that seemed to signify how their relationship would always be. A good guy and a bad guy. Except one rainy night in Hell's Kitchen, when Matt Murdock, a beaten man, outed by the press again, disgraced and done. Proved Fisk's theory wrong. Matthew took the Kingpin's kingdom away from him by brute force. In public. In front of his men, in front of his subjects. He took Hell's Kitchen for himself. After leaving America, Fisk returned to the US in order to become a citizen again, and found an attorney to help him reintegrate via court. As the two had dinner, though, Daredevil appeared and viciously told Fisk to get out of the city or he would kill him. The attorney got in Daredevil's face, but Fisk started fighting Daredevil. The fight continued onto the street and ended with Daredevil beating Fisk over the head constantly with his billy club, killing him.[1]




Seemingly those of the Kingpin of Earth-616.

Strength level

Seemingly those of the Kingpin of Earth-616.

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