Wilson Fisk was the most powerful mob boss of Technopolis. His dealings with Arno Stark, the direct rival and brother of Technopolis' Baron Tony Stark, were almost public knowledge. Baron Stark claimed he was unable to prove Fisk's illict activities, arguing that he opposed the idea of using his powers as a Baron to get rid of Fisk rather than the law.[1] In reality, Fisk also worked for Baron Stark so he could keep track of Arno's plans.[2]

At the behest of Baron Stark, Fisk's men were sent to capture the vigilante Spyder-Man, who was killed by Baron Stark himself shortly after evading capture from Fisk's men.[1] When Grand Marshal Rhodes investigated Spyder-Man's murder and partially decrypted the memory banks of the vigilante's suits, he learned of the pursuit and confronted Fisk. Fisk's armored henchmen backed up their boss, but Rhodes had expected resistance and deployed his War Machine Deputies.[3] The Kingpin was fatally damaged when struck by a lightning at Rhodes' command. In his deathbed, Kingpin made it clear that he hadn't killed Spyder-Man.[4]


Seemingly those of the Wilson Fisk of Earth-616.

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