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Kingpin paid a lot of time and money into transforming the Venom symbiote into the Techno-Symbiote Suit that in addition to all symbiote powers also allowed wearer to remotely control any technology on the planet. Unaware of its origin, the Suit was worn by both Peter Parker and Eddie Brock, who fought over it but eventually agreed that the Suit had to be destroyed. Before it could be done, they were both knocked out and kidnapped by Kingpin, who shot Eddie dead they moment he woke up. Kingpin then merged with the Suit and chased after Peter Parker, remotely utilizing technology against him. Peter had to lure Kingpin into the woods, where he started fire and managed to get the Symbiote off of him.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Presumably those of the Wilson Fisk of Earth-616 and the Venom Symbiote.


Presumably those of the Wilson Fisk of Earth-616.

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