The Kingpin was among the criminals encountered by Black Panther during the vigilante's time in Hell's Kitchen. He was the financier of the Sinister Six.

Wilson Fisk (Earth-TRN562) from Marvel Avengers Academy 002

After the Klyntar outbreak in New York City which created destruction all over the city, Fisk demanded the Avengers Academy to pay for all the damage they created, and that Nick Fury needs to be judged by the law for crimes against humanity.

Kingpin was able to take over the Hell's Kitchen School for Troubled Youth where he was a student in by using legal means, after doing that he decided to turn it into a prison like school, building cells, and imprisoning the students that didn't agree with his methods.

Nick Fury's Trial

Kingpin eventually went ahead with his plan to take Nick Fury to trial, Nick Fury accept his proposal believing he had nothing to fear since the Avengers Academy had done a lot more good than the collateral damage they caused saving everyone. Fury forced Kingpin to release Matt Murdock who was a student at his school when he asked him to be his lawyer.

On top of putting Fury in jail Kingpin plan was also to take the students from the Academy to his own organization. He was also working in secret with the Hand, collecting ancient magic relics, while blaming their recent appearance on Hell's Kitchen on Nick Fury, and the Academy yet again. Kinpin later contacted Loki to be his prosecutor, luring him with offers of power.

Kingpin ended up being betrayed by Loki, and Punisher who were secretly helping Nick Fury discover what his, and the Hand's plans were. He was then defeated by the Avengers Academy students, exposed as a criminal, and jailed in one of the Academy's cells.

Avengers Under Siege

As part of Mephisto's plan, Kingpin was freed from his cage by Baron Zemo who was promised if he freed the villains they would serve him as part of the new Masters of Evil.[1]


Seemingly those of the Wilson Fisk of Earth-616.

Strength level

Seemingly those of the Wilson Fisk of Earth-616.

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