Earth-TRN566's Wilson Fisk shares a similar history with the Wilson Fisk of Earth-92131. Much like his animated counterpart, he coerced Norman Osborn to help him destroy Spider-Man and eventually enlisted Alistaire Smythe in his war against the wall-crawler. Kingpin was also targeted by the Hobgoblin at one point. However, the history of Earth-TRN566's Fisk diverges after the first season of Spider-Man: The Animated Series. Rather than forming the Insidious Six as his animated counterpart did, Earth-TRN566's Fisk hired the Enforcers instead.

After Peter Parker hinted that he was going to prove Wilson Fisk was the Kingpin, Fisk chose to retaliate by ordering the Enforcers to kidnap Mary Jane. When Fisk's wife Vanessa discovered this, she made clear her intention to leave Wilson. Kingpin, frightened at the thought of losing Vanessa, willingly gave Mary Jane's location to Spider-Man. Wilson and Vanessa Fisk quickly leave New York City, with Vanessa glad that Wilson turned away from crime, and Wilson secretly vowing to return to New York as the Kingpin and destroy Spider-Man.

When the universe was destroyed, Kingpin died along the other people on Earth.[1]

  • After Spider-Man Adventures #13, Marvel stopped adapting the episodes and began making all-new stories based on the world from Spider-Man: The Animated Series, starting with Spider-Man Adventures #14 and continuing to Adventures of Spider-Man Vol 1. This led to instances that diverted from the cartoon, such as Fisk deciding to leave New York with his wife Vanessa whereas on the cartoon, Vanessa decided to leave Fisk instead.
  • In Adventures of Spider-Man #8 Kingpin is still intent on keeping his illicit activities a secret from Vanessa. It is only through Peter Parker that Vanessa confirmed her suspicions that her husband is a criminal. This is a departure from Vanessa's first appearance on Spider-Man: The Animated Series, in which she is shown having full knowledge of Kingpin's criminal deeds.

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