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Wilton Wilke

Wilton Wilkes was a psychiatrist active in the 1940s. He created a ray gun that could cause temporary bouts of homicidal insanity in human beings. By 1945, he had allied himself with Imperial Japanese spies to use his weapon against his own country. They first tested a handheld model at a USO show that featured the Young Allies as guests. Wilkes, disguised as an insane old man, used the ray on radio comedian Bob Carter causing him to go insane and beat a military general to death. When the Allies stopped the "old man", they dismissed him as a lunatic and let him go.

Later, in his civilian guise, Wilkes diagnosed Carter with a mental disorder, however this and the old man's presence at the USO show left the Young Allies suspicious. Resuming his disguise as the crazy old man, Wilkes used his ray on workers in a war factory and later two American soldiers before being spotted and chased by the Young Allies again. As he attempted to escape with his fellow Japanese cohorts by car, they were attacked by Bucky, Knuckles O'Toole, and Toro who were forced to abandon the attack, but not before removing a necklace with instructions that the spies were plotting to steal a train from the nearby Western Pacific rail yard.

Rushing there, the Allies once again attempted to stop Wilkes and his allies, but only succeeded in Bucky, Knuckles, and Whitewash Jones being captured. Wilkes and his allies then used a larger scale version of the cannon on the entire town of Red Gulch driving the entire town insane. Stopping after this attack, Wilkes then tied up Knuckles and Whitewash and then used his ray on Bucky. Bucky was prevented from murdering his friends and they then followed Wilkes to his next target where they stopped him from using his ray on a group of soldiers. The unmasked him and turned him over to the authorities.[1]

Wilkes' subsequent fate is unknown.



Wilkes had a ray that caused people to go insane for a short period of time.

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