The woman known as Windrider was a powerful elemental genie and ally of Prince Cyclops and Lady Jean Grey. She valiantly fought by their side during a calamity that threatened to destroy Prince Cyclops' kingdom. Jean Grey, called upon cosmic powers that ultimately corrupted her, transforming her into an evil entity known as Dark Phoenix. As Dark Phoenix, she cursed Prince Cyclops and viciously fought against her former friend, the Windrider. However, Dark Phoenix was unable to successfully kill the goddess; so instead, she used her cosmic-spawned powers to trap her inside of a black, impenetrable flask.

Windrider survived, trapped as a genie inside of the bottle for an unspecified amount of time. Her small prison eventually washed up on the shore of a strange island, where she was discovered by a pirate named Colossus. Colossus, having no conception of what he held in his hand, opened the bottle and set Windrider free.

Windrider reunited with Prince Cyclops and his trusted companion the wizard, Xavier. Banding together with several more adventures including Captain Kitty Pryde of the Abdul Alhazred, the Fiend-With-No-Name and a Bamf, she vowed to put an end to Dark Phoenix's evil once and for all. She didn't have long to wait before her opportunity would present itself.

Dark Phoenix appeared in the sky above them and reigned blasts of starfire down upon the heroes. Windrider countered the Phoenix's attack with her own elemental magic and fought her nearly to a standstill. It was Xavier however, who finally stopped the Phoenix's rampage. He possessed a small sphere containing the pure essence of Jean Grey's soul. Energizing the sphere, he exercised the demonic Dark Phoenix allowing Jean's spirit to reoccupy her body. Windrider attended Lady Jean and Prince Cyclops back to their kingdom where they were soon married.

Some time later, Windrider found more people in need of her services. An alien sorcerer named Shagreen had arrived on her home world and used his magic to imprison a community of Bamfs. He had also captured Captain Pryde, first mate Colossus, the Fiend-With-No-Name and a mutant from Earth named Nightcrawler.

Windrider called upon her magic lightning and blasted a hole in the side of Shagreen's castle. Swearing to protect her allies, she fought with the wizard and helped to free her friends. With Shagreen's power weakened from his fight with Windrider, Nightcrawler was able to destroy the sorcerer's magic staff, ending his threat once and for all. With peace restored in the land, Windrider returned to her native domain.

Windrider's current whereabouts and activities are unknown.


Windrider possesses elemental command over the weather. Through an act of will, she can generate gusts of wind, rain, lightning, snow etc. Windrider can also fly by creating gusts of wind strong enough to support her weight. She can manipulate air currents to help guide her speed and direction.

Strength level

Windrider appears to possess the strenght level of a human woman who engages in intensive regular exercise. Whether her strength is augmented due to her mystical lineage has yet to be revealed.


For a time, Windrider was trapped inside of a black bottle and set adrift at sea.

  • Windrider's existence is predicated by the theory that whenever an individual creates an idea, that idea manifests itself as reality in an alternate dimension.

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